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Angel island camping: Everything you need to know

by Nadir
Angel island camping

Do you want to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city? If you live in the San Francisco area, consider spending a weekend camping on Angel Island. Angel island camping is a great way to enjoy the Bay Area’s beautiful weather and scenery.

According to the Bayareaanswer, “Every year, approximately 200,000 people visit Angel Island.” It’s the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors and get away from it all. In this content, you will know about the locations, campsites, regulations, and things you should do to make your trip enjoyable. So, pack your camping gear, and let’s get started!

Angel Island Camping: A Quick Overview

If you’re looking for a quick and easy camping trip near the Bay Area, Angel Island is a great option. Here is a quick overview of this Island. Let’s have a look.

Address: San Francisco Bay, United States.

Amenities: Kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, museums.

Disadvantages: Can be quite crowded on weekends.


Angel Island FaresPrice
Adult14 USD
Disabled(Must show ID)7 USD
Children under 5Free
Clipper START7 USD


  1. Children must be supervised at all times due to the rocky cliffs.
  2. The price may seem a bit high for what is essentially just a glorified day trip.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. In Angel Island Bicycles are allowed. But, helmets are required for all riders under the age of 18.
  2. Angel Island does not have regular public transportation service throughout the winter.
  3. On the island, dogs are not permitted.
  4. Wood fires are not allowed.

Why should you visit Angel island?

You may have heard from someone about Angel Island and want to visit there. But why there? Angel Island is the best place for hiking, eating seafood, and seeing exotic animals.  

Do you love hiking with your partners?

The island is home to several scenic hiking trails and picnic areas. If you are looking for the best hiking place in “San Francisco” then angel island is one of them.  

Do you love to eat seafood?

There are also plenty of shops and restaurants that offer fresh seafood, homemade bread, and pastries. You can get the facilities of having a barbeque party at night there.  

Do your children love animals?

The island also has its own small zoo where you can see exotic animals like giraffes and monkeys. Your baby will be happy when they see those friendly animals.

So, if you don’t want to miss all the facilities and beautiful places for spending quality time, you should visit there.

5 Best Campsites of Angel Island

Before going to Angel island the first question that comes to our mind is “Can I camp on Angel Island?”. Angel Island has a total of 16 campsites. These campsites are spread out quite far away from each other and it is difficult to find them.

Don’t worry! We have listed the 5 best campsites on Angel Island. We have added all the information that helps you to find out the campsite easily.

1. Angel Island State Park

Angel Island State Park

The first and the best campsite on Angel Island is “Angel Island State Park”. It’s located in Tiburon, CA 94920, United States. The park has a big variety of activities for all ages.


  • You can go hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and much more.
  • Angel Island is also famous for its birdlife. It is one of the most important nesting areas for the Western Sandpiper.


The only disadvantage of this campsite is that it is very difficult to find a place to park your car.

2. Angel Island East Bay Sites

The second campsite on our list is “Angel Island East Bay Sites”. It’s located in Belvedere Tiburon, CA, United States. This campsite is situated on the east side of Angel Island.


  • If you have a fishing habit, then you can fish right from your campsite.
  • You don’t need to go anywhere. There are also a few hiking trails nearby.


The campsites are small and crowded together, and there isn’t much in the way of amenities

3. Campsite 5

Campsite 5 is a wooded site located on Angel Island. It boasts a fire ring, picnic table and grill, and access to the island’s hiking trails. It is located in Belvedere Tiburon, CA, United States. It has a great view of the sea, a nice beach, and a little waterfall that you can visit.


  • For couples,  it is a great place to enjoy the sunset and have a romantic time.
  • The campsite has a great view to see the natural environment.


The conditions of the bathrooms or showers are not good enough. So you’ll have to find something else nearby if those are important factors.

4. Campsite 6

Campsite 6 is a great place for campers of all ages. It has a large number of trees. It provides plenty of shade and protection from the sun. This great campsite is located on Angel Island, Tiburon, CA 94920, United States. If you’re looking for an easy camping experience, this might be the place for you.


  • For the family, it has a lot of space for the kids to run around. There is also a playground for the children.
  • You can meditate, take a yoga class, or just relax in the hammocks.


The camping area is not too clean. Besides, the campsite is quite far from the amenities.

5. North Garrison Group Campsite.

The last but not on the list is “North Garrison Group Campsite”. Though it hasn’t received sufficient review on Google, it is one of the best campsites. It is situated in Angel Island, Tiburon, CA 94920, United States. People who are looking for cheap and best campsites, this is the right place for them.


  • The group campsite has a fire ring and a picnic table.
  • It also has a great view of San Francisco.


  • The disadvantage of this campsite is that it is too small for a group. There is also an electricity problem at this campsite.

You can choose any of the campsites according to your budget. But, if you want recommendations from us, then we will suggest you visit “Angel Island State Park”. It has more than 1.8k reviews on google and people are sharing a pretty good reviews about this campsite.

Best place to see “Golden Gate Bridge” from Angel Island

If you’re looking for the best place to see Golden Gate Bridge, we recommend visiting Baker Beach.

Baker Beach is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in San Francisco. What are they offering?

  1. They offer sweeping views of the city and ocean.
  2. The beach itself is only accessible through a winding drive through hills and forest.
  3. This can be quite a distraction from the gorgeous scenery.

Do you love to enjoy the bridge without any crowds or traffic jams?

You can enjoy them without having to deal with crowds or traffic jams. The views are not just 360 degrees, but also panoramic. You’ll be able to see almost all of the city at once!

So, which campsite is the best to enjoy the “Golden Gate Bridge”.

There are so many reasons to camp near the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s one of the most iconic attractions in San Francisco. Look no further than “Kirby Cove Camp”! This campsite is just a few minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s absolutely worth it.

Can I get kayak facilities on Angel Island?

Are you a kayak lover? If so, “Kayak Camp” is the ideal place. They offer to stay and play options. So whether you want to stay at their camp or just go on an excursion with one of their experienced guides. They have everything you need for a safe and fun time.

What if I don’t have a kayak? They also offer kayak rentals in case you don’t own your own kayak. You’ll be able to use it for a few dollars for up to 24 hours!

Other Facilities are:

  • They have a wide variety of kayaks for rent. You can even bring your own if you’re feeling adventurous!
  • There are as many as eight different types of kayaks available for rent.
  • They also have a variety of other equipment including life jackets and paddle boards.

So, why are you waiting? Let’s travel there and enjoy the best adventurous moment.

Things to do when you are camping at Angel Island

Things to do when camping at Angel Island

Who doesn’t love to enjoy nature? To make your trip you should plan what you would like to do. If you are planning to go camping at Angel Island,

Here are some things that you can do to make your trip more enjoyable.

  1. Go swimming: The water is very warm. So it’s like a bath after climbing up the hills and hiking around! If you don’t want to swim, there are also showers available for a small fee.
  2. Campfire: You can roast marshmallows over a fire or just enjoy your campfire with some friends. Firewood is available for purchase from the camp store if needed. But not recommended(It is against the rule).
  3. Swim with seals: Sea life is abundant on this island. So if you feel like swimming with seals, there’s no shortage of them here! They will come right up to you as they swim. It’s definitely an exciting experience!
  4. Go whale watching: Whale watching tours depart from Angel Island every day from May through September. You’ll get to see whales swimming around in their natural habitat.
  5. Hike: There are plenty of trails to hike on the island. You can even hike to the top of Mount Caroline Livermore (aka Mt. Livermore) for some stunning views.

So, these 5 things are some of the best things to do when you go camping at Angel Island. Make sure to add these to your list. So you can have an amazing time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Angel Island is a beautiful place, but it also has its challenges. The island is surrounded by cold water and rocks. It means you need to be careful when you’re swimming. You should know that there are no lifeguards. So, swimming can be hazardous. Don’t forget to bring along your life jacket!

Yes, there are restrooms on Angel Island. They are found at the main entrance and at each of the other major entrances to the island. Restrooms with flush toilets and sinks are available on Angel Island.

Yes! You will get cell service on Angel Island. We recommend getting a local number, because it will be easier for you to get in touch with us if you nee

You can stay overnight on Angel Island, but it’s not a requirement. If you’re interested in staying overnight, you can do so by contacting the park staff at least 8 hours before your visit. They’ll be able to tell you whether there are any restrictions.

Spring and Fall are the best times to visit Angel Island. The weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. Moreover,  the island is incredibly beautiful during these seasons.

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