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Are Instant Tents Any Good?

by Rayhan
Are Instant Tents Any Good

Tell me about someone who doesn’t like to go camping. There isn’t anyone. Most people who would love to go camping are recreational/amateur campers. So it’s better to know what is a must for camping. The first thing that you are going to need is a tent.

Buying a tent can get a little confusing, though, depending on so many shapes, sizes, brands, and types of tents out there. Among all the types of tents, there is a certain kind called instant tent/instant up tent. If you are wondering if it is the right choice to buy an instant tent/instant up tent, here’s what you should know about it.

The first thing to come to your mind while buying an instant tent or instant up tent is, is the product actually good? Will it be useful enough for camping? Will it be worth the price? Will it do the job as said?

Well, yes! Instant tents are very good for camping and easy to use. As they are called instant tents, you already know they are very easy to set up and take down, making camping a lot easier and more enjoyable. It doesn’t need a manual to assemble as well.

While the instant tent/instant up tent does its job properly, it doesn’t mean there is no drawback to the product. Instant tents/instant-up tents are different from traditional tents used by professional campers. Here we will break down every detail of the pros and cons of an instant tent.

What is an Instant Tent?

Some of you might as well don’t know what an instant tent is. Tents that can be set up in a matter of seconds are known as “instant tents.” The incredible fact about instant tents is that they can be set up within seconds and don’t need manual or professional advice.

There are a few types of instant tents out there in the market. The primary types of instant tents are :

  • Instant dome tents
  • Instant pop-up tents
  • Instant cabin tents

How does instant tent work?

It’s pretty simple. Everything in the tent comes pre-assembled, stays connected, and the telescopic poles stay locked. When needed to take down, you just unlock the poles, sink the telescopic poles back in position and do the reverse process of opening the tent. There is no need to set up poles or connect them, hence the instant tent. The Pop up tent works differently, though. It is more likely a folding tent. It comes in a folded manner and pops out of the container/bag, and forms a tent shape.

We have already stated there are three types of instant tents. In comparison, a pop-up tent makes a great beginner camping tent. Why? Because it doesn’t need any complex assembly, one person can set it up and do it within seconds.

Although, there are a few drawbacks to it. We’ll get into that later in this article. Let’s discuss the comparison between types of instant tent

Comparison between Instant Popup Tent, Instant Dome Tent, and Instant Cabin Shaped tent

  • Its durability is the major difference between an instant pop-up tent and an instant dome tent. A dome-shaped tent gets better durability in specific environments due to the advantage of having a dome shape. For example, setting up an instant dome-shaped tent in windy solid conditions may get you better service than an instant pop-up tent. Dome-shaped tents can withstand windy solid conditions and have better durability than popup tents.
  • Another thing to remember is that even if a dome-shaped tent breaks, it can be fixed with tools in hand or tools, you usually take with you camping. But if a pop-up tent breaks, it is much harder to fix because the tools needed aren’t usually the ones you take camping. Besides, pop-up tents use poles to keep them standing, and fixing these poles can be complicated.
  • An instant cabin-shaped tent is a larger tent that uses telescopic poles similar to instant pop-up tents. There aren’t many differences between an instant cabin-shaped tent and an instant pop-up tent. Instant cabin-shaped tents are larger and take more time to set up, whereas instant pop-up tents take only a few seconds.
  • Instant cabin-shaped tents can accommodate more people than an instant pop-up tent. A cabin-shaped tent also takes more time to take down because of its size.

Comparison between a regular tent and an instant tent.

  • Regular tents are any tent that needs to be set up manually. The major difference between a regular tent and an instant tent is that a regular tent needs to be set up manually with more than just one action, you have to set up each and every part correctly, and it takes up a lot of time.
  • An instant tent can be set up within seconds, doesn’t need a manual to assemble, and can be done with just one action. One person can easily set up an instant tent, while a regular tent might need a few helping hands.
  • The regular tent is more affordable and cheap, but an instant tent may cost you more because of the advantages you are getting with it.
  • A regular tent doesn’t break very easily. Even if it does, it can be fixed and the broken parts can be interchanged, while an instant tent can break easily, and parts are harder to fix.
  • A regular tent weighs lighter than an instant tent. An instant tent is heavier and bulkier to carry.

Pros and Cons of the instant tent.

Instant Tent: Pros

  • It can be set up easily
  • Does not need a manual to assemble
  • Does not take up much time and can be set up within seconds
  • Great for beginner or recreational campers
  • Does not take much time to take down as well
  • Requires less gear and equipment
  • Kid-friendly

Instant Tent: Cons

  • Costs more
  • Heavier to carry
  • Less durable during slightly challenging weather, eg. Strong wind, heavy rain, etc.
  • If broken, harder to fix.
  • More setup is required for weather protection, e.g., Rainfly.
  • Single-wall camping pop-up tents are less breathable ( less ventilation)
  • Bulky when packed
  • No waterproofing
  • Difficult to take down sometimes
  • Must take safety measures while repairing

Keeping these facts in mind, one may choose between a regular tent and an instant tent according to their advantage. But instant tents are a much better option for beginners and recreational campers despite the disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages can easily be faced.

For example, some instant pop-up tents are not waterproof. So, when buying one, you must look for a waterproof pop-up camping tent. You should bring the necessary gear and equipment to fix the tent if it is broken. As the tent tends to weigh heavy, you should take proper measures to carry it. Check out the weather forecast when camping so you don’t have to face challenging weather, which may be a risk to your tent’s durability.

Last but not least, instant tents cost more, but there are comparatively cheaper ones too. Compare prices and buy yours carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

An instant tent, usually known as a ‘pop-up tent’ is a tent for camping that usually takes a few seconds to set up and is very easy to take down. A great option if you want to go camping for recreation.

No. Most of them are not. So, you will have to either buy a rainfly to protect yourself from the rain or search for one with waterproofing.

If you are a beginner camper or want to go camping for recreation, an instant tent would be the better option as it doesn’t require any expert advice or manual to set up. Besides, it is quicker to set up than a regular tent.

Key Takeaways

That is pretty much everything you need to know about an instant tent. Are instant tents any good? Of course! Based on the facts above, instant tents are highly recommended, although you do have to look for a few drawbacks. No waterproofing, less durability, and heavyweight are some facts you should keep in mind while camping with an instant tent.

Whether you choose a regular tent or an instant tent for camping, follow proper safety measures. The instant tent requires a rainfly to prevent water from entering inside the tent, so you will have to buy one for your tent if it doesn’t already have it. Overall, instant tents are a good option for going camping! Hope this article was helpful. Happy camping!

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