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How To Heat A Tent With A Candle

by Rayhan
Heat A Tent With A Candle

When temperatures drop at night during camping, you’ll want to heat your tent by any means. It can be with a tent heater, an extra tarp, or even a candle. As long as it keeps your tent warm and comfortable to sleep in, you are good to spend the night camping. 

Now, speaking of candles, you might wonder how to heat a tent with a candle. We know it seems challenging to warm up a tent with candles. But it’s possible.

Using a candle inside your tent can provide warmth without adding too much weight. The flame provides radiant heat, which warms your sleeping bag and keeps you comfortable. In the absence of an electrical supply, a candle may be an excellent substitute for a tent heater, if you’re looking for some warmth.

And in this article, we’ll provide our top tips on how to heat a tent with a candle. This is a good option if you only need to heat the tent for a short while or you’re trying to conserve fuel.

What is a candle heater?

A candle heater is a device that uses a candle to heat a small space, such as a small tent, room, or car. 

It’s an alternative to traditional heating methods, cheaper to operate than electric heaters, and much more eco-friendly. Plus, they add a touch of ambiance to any room.

How To Heat A Tent With A Candle

There are several ways to heat a tent with a candle, but I am not going to suggest each of them. Due to the fact that each of them is not safe and reliable. Safety is going to be a major factor in this. If you have a fire in your tent, it’s imperative that you take the utmost precautions. It is possible to inflict harm to most tents because they are not flameproof.

Candles can be a fantastic addition to your camping experience. While I’m camping, I prefer to light candles in my tent, even if it’s not for heat. No LED or other light source can truly replicate the light that candles provide. I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere by candlelight in my tent when I’m out on a camping trip.

The safest and most efficient ways to use candles to heat a tent will be discussed today. Tents aren’t designed to hold the warm inside. To keep the candle’s heat in, you may need to take additional steps. To help you keep warm while camping, I’ll go through various techniques to insulate your tent at the end of this post.

Here is how to heat a tent with a candle:

1. Using a candle lantern

Heat a Tent Using Candle Lantern

If you’re going camping in the dead of winter, a premade candle lantern is a wonderful alternative for keeping your tent toasty. Candle lanterns were one of the most prevalent methods of illuminating oneself in the dark for years before the discovery of electricity. Candle lanterns are used for both light in the dark and warmth in the winter. In a 13 feet diameter space, a single candle will raise the temperature by four degrees.

Candle lanterns are becoming outdated due to the widely available electricity of the twenty-first century. However, the old invention never fades away.  Imagine that you’ve decided to go camping in one of the most difficult locations in your area. The location is so uncomfortable that it appears to be a long way from the city’s normal facilities. A pre-made candle lantern can help keep your tent warm, and it can also be used to cook food and boil water in some cases.

Candle lanterns, which combine current technology with elements from older times, are becoming increasingly popular among those who frequently travel and go camping. Aluminum is used to make the structures of these candle lanterns. 

Advantage and Disadvantage

The advantages of using a camping candle heater to make a tent warmer are many. Tent lighting and heating have never been easier or more secure than this method. It can also be used to boil water and warm food.

Besides, candles without electricity can be used safely in candle lanterns because the likelihood of an accident is lower in these lanterns.

There are several drawbacks to using these lanterns, despite their many advantages. As a result, it may be a little more expensive than other methods of using candles to keep a tent warm. These lanterns, on the other hand, may not be able to keep your tent warm enough during shivering cold weather.

2. DIY Candle Heater

Another way to heat a tent room without burning anything is to use a homemade candle heater. This DIY project doesn’t require electricity, so it works even during power outages.

You can make your own candle heater with just a few supplies. All you need is a metal can, some sand, a votive candle, and a piece of foil.

To make your heater, start by punching a few holes around the upper side of the can. Then, fill the can with sand halfway up.

Put more sand around the candle and place it in the middle of the can. Then foil the can top and create some ventilation holes in it.

When ready to use your heater, light the candle and place the can on a heat-resistant surface. The sand will help evenly disperse the heat and keep the can from tipping.

3. Making your own candle lantern

Make your own candle lanterns as a third alternative for keeping the inside of your tent warm. This method is less expensive than using pre-made candle lanterns, plus it keeps your tent warmer than pre-made candle lanterns.. There are a few things you’ll need in order to make this.

  • A clay flower container without any holes.
  • A larger pot with a bottom hole can fit the little pot inside.
  • A candleholder made of ceramic, copper, or glass.
  • 4–6 tea light candles


  • Place the tea lights inside a container and light it up.
  • Then place the smaller clay pot upside down, covering the candles. You can put a block or any other object to hold the pot higher above the candles if it is too large or small to sit on the container.

But remember not to cover the candles entirely as they’ll burn out owing to a lack of oxygen.

  • Finally, place the larger clay pot on top of the smaller one after turning it over.

How It Works:

A candle doesn’t produce much heat on its own. However, the purpose of putting the clay pots over the candle is to heat the inner pot by capturing the little heat that the candle emits.

The air between them quickly warms up, and current convection forms when a larger pot is placed on top of a smaller pot.

Advantage and Disadvantage

So there are both pros and cons to using these candle lanterns. It has the advantage of being less expensive and providing sufficient heat for your tent than a pre-made candle lantern, and it can be created with common home goods. With this, there is a risk that being a little bit careless could result in an accident that could be deadly.

Other Ways to Trap Heat Inside Your Tent 

There are several other ways to trap heat inside your tent to keep yourself warm at night. Here are a few examples,

1. Reflector Panels

Reflector panels are materials that reflect heat towards their source, which can help keep your tent warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

Additionally, they can be used to reflect light, making it brighter inside. This can be a lifesaver in a cold snap while camping.

Plus, it can also help you to save on heating costs if you use them in conjunction with a portable heater.

2. Sleeping Bag Liner

Utilizing a sleeping bag liner is another technique to keep the heat in. It comprises a breathable fabric that aids in temperature control and shields against moisture accumulation.

Furthermore, compared to sleeping bags, they are typically lighter, simpler to use, and more adaptable. Just slip one over your sleeping bag before you go to bed. It will add an added insulation layer to provide extra warmth all night. 

However, keep two things in mind when utilizing a sleeping bag liner. 

  1. First, think about the temperature range you’ll be camping in. If camping in very cold weather, look for a liner rated for low temperatures.
  2. Second, keep in mind the liner’s weight and packed size. Heavier liners will be more insulating and bulkier to carry.

Thus, it’s a good idea to strike a balance between the two depending on how much space you have in your backpack.

3. Space Blanket

A space blanket is a thin, reflective covering that helps in heat retention. So they can keep your tent warm in cold weather much more effectively. You can find these blankets at most camping or sporting goods stores.

To use a space blanket, simply drape it over your tent, ensuring the reflective side is facing in. This will help to reflect the heat into the tent, keeping you warmer.

You can also use a space blanket to line the bottom of your sleeping bag. Make sure to wrap the edges of the blanket around you, tucking them in or tying them off to create a seal.

Precautions To Be Observed For Your Own Protection

Most of your camping gear, including your tent, is made of flammable fabric. When using a candle to heat your tent, safety is the most important concern. When putting a flame into an environment that can be burned in less than a minute, it is essential to take additional precautions.

It’s one thing to pitch a tent next to a campfire or a gas stove, but it’s quite another to bring a candle into your sleeping space.

A fortunate development has been the development of candle lanterns, which have allowed campers and hikers to safely light and warm their tents with little risk.

So, while using a candle (or any other flammable source) to heat your tent, remember to use extra caution and never leave a candle heater unattended.

How can you keep heat inside a tent?

A few crucial things can be done to retain heat inside your tent.

For instance, you can buy tents with built-in insulation or add your own with a foam pad or blanket.

Then, use a ground tarp to protect against the cold ground and keep heat from escaping through the bottom of the tent.

To prevent heat from escaping through the tent’s edges, seal any cracks. 

Finally, don’t forget to ventilate your tent to avoid condensation buildup, making it colder inside.

Is a candle useful as a tent heater?

A candle can be used as a tent heater in a pinch, but it is not the most effective way to heat a tent.

Candles produce heat, but not very much of it. They also produce light and smoke, which can be a problem in a confined space like a tent.

When using a candle as a tent heater, keep it far from anything that could catch fire.

What kinds of candles should be used to heat a tent?

When heating a tent with candles, it is vital to use candles made specifically for this purpose.

Candles for heating tents are typically made of paraffin wax and designed to burn slowly and evenly.

It is also essential to use a candle holder that is safe to use with candles.

How many BTUs does a candle put off?

When it comes to BTUs, candles aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. The average tealight candle puts off around 75 to 80 BTUs per hour.

To give you some perspective, a typical space heater puts out around 60,000 BTUs per hour.

So, while a candle might be able to heat a small tent or room, it’s not going to replace your furnace anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! As a result, you’ve learned how to keep your tent warm when camping. There are two ways to keep your tent warm and comfortable while camping, and I believe either of them will do the trick.

However, you must be extremely careful not to start a fire by accident, as this might spell disaster for your entire camping trip. Camping may be dangerous, so be careful and have fun!

Frequently Asked Question

Instead of simply producing light, the UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern is the right solution designed specifically to meet the demands of those who require heating. With just three to four candles, it will provide a large amount of warmth, can be used to dry wet clothes, and can even be used to heat small quantities of food and drink.

A tent candle heater is a tool that is meant to help you in staying warm by supplying heat. Even the finest down jacket will fall short when it comes to generating warmth in cold weather. They are simply meant to provide brief support in order to prevent your body from losing heat to the freezing environment. This implies the only method to warm up is to engage in activities that cause your body to push itself.

In the middle of the night, a car can be as cold as a tent, even if it is protected from the wind and snow. It is especially important to cover your sleeping space because cold air is traveling through the car on all sides, making it difficult to sleep comfortably. A sleeping bag with a high warmth rating can make a world of difference when it comes to staying comfortable at night.

Yes, there are several ways to heat your tent without electricity. Using hot water bottles, you can keep your tent warm. The tent could be kept warm by heating rocks. Make your tent more energy-efficient by adding insulation. Place your tent next to a blazing bonfire (after the fire dies) Keep warm with an electric blanket. Carpets for your tents with an underfloor heating system. Portable battery-powered heaters.

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