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How to Stay Warm When Camping In Winter

by Nadir
How to Stay Warm When Camping In Winter

Camping is one of the most exciting adventures for all outdoor lovers. No matter what the weather condition is, the outing will go on. Usually, camping in summer is not a big deal compared to winter camping. If you do not take proper care to stay warm, it can severely damage your body. Therefore, here I am with the best tips on staying warm when camping in the winter, along with all the necessary information you need to know about winter camping.

Why Do People Love Camping In Winter?

Do you want to enjoy the perfect wildlife while camping? It would be best to camp during winter and enjoy the most of it. The first thing that will blow your mind is the clear sky full of stars. That is a one-in-a-million experience you should have to enjoy. Also, if you love skating and other stuff, you will love the snow that appears during the winter. Moreover, you can avoid all the bugs, such as mosquitoes which is one of the biggest risks for a camper in the hot weather. And the least benefit is the space-saving option. Due to the cold weather, all the people stay together in a tent, making the whole thing has

So, as long as you are concerned about taking proper protection against the cold winter, camping is the most exciting thing that you should have to enjoy once.

How Does Your Body Lose Heat?

There are plenty of ways to lose heat from your body. And evaporation is one of the crucial reasons for getting cold quickly. For example, if your body evaporates water from your body via sweat or wet clothes can reduce the body temperature quicker than ever.

Also, the body loses heat to radiation. This is the same way a wooden stove leaves heat and helps cook. Usually, when the temperature is less than 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the body loses 65% of its heat through radiation.

In addition, your body loses heat when conducted on a cold surface. Whether metal or cold ground, the body will lose temperature if you do not wear proper clothes. Also, the body loses temperature due to air conduction. But most temperature drops happen due to the cold water.

7 Tips To Stay Warm When Camping In Winter

I always encourage camping in winter, but you have to stay warm to avoid possible diseases that occur due to the cold. Here are the tips that you should follow to stay warm.

1. Use A Four Season Tent

The first thing that needs to be done is to get a proper tent. The tent is the ultimate protection against weather whilst you tend to sleep outdoors. In that circumstance, you should go for the four-season tent suitable for every weather. Whether there is extremely cold outside or hot, windy weather, it will give you proper protection. And this is the first step to remaining warm during the cold winter season.

2. Insulate Your Tent

Despite having a four-season tent, you need to take immense protection to ensure no heat is going through your body. And that is when you need to insulate the tent. For example, you have a two-person tent that is wide enough to leave some gap between you and your sleeping partner. It will cost a lot and can be severe for you and your partner.

Therefore, insulate that space with the sleeping pad. Keep the sleeping pads (you and your partners) as close as possible. And if there’s space remaining on the outer side, cover it with the bags and other accessories to ensure no heat is passing through.

3. Carry Sleeping Pad

You have successfully insulated your tent; now, give attention to the sleeping pad. Make sure to get the proper sleeping pad to help you stay warm. In that case, a closed-cell foam pad is the best possible solution. It will give you maximum protection against the weather. However, you can try various sleeping pads according to your preferences. Nevertheless, you have to carry and use a sleeping pad with you while camping in winter.

In addition, if you are camping with your partner and are comfortable sharing a sleeping pad, you should get a sleeping pad for two people rather than getting one for each. It will help you to reduce heat and keep you warm.

4. Put A Hot Water Bottle To Stay Warm

Do you want to get warm quickly? Put a hot water bottle under the sleeping pad to keep it warm. Usually, when you enter the sleeping pad, that stays cold, and you are quite uneasy about using it. A hot water bottle will increase the temperature and keep you warm right after entering the tent. However, if you put it on your feet, it will warm you up quickly. Also, you can put it under your core to transfer the heat quickly and stay warm.

5. Portable Heater

If your body temperature is getting lower or weather conditions are getting worse, you have to rely on a portable heater to increase the temperature around you. Various models are available in the market, and you should get one according to your tent size. While a water bottle will warm up the sleeping pad and your body, a portable heater will increase the tent’s temperature and keep you warm.

6. Wear Proper Cloth

If you get wet, cotton is the least fabric choice that you can think of. Usually, cotton works as a sponge and does not soak the moisture as polyester and other materials. Therefore, it can lead to you getting cold quickly. Wearing polyester fabric is the best choice to distribute moisture properly. Also, make sure to wear boots, gloves, and sunglasses. However, getting wet can make the condition worse. Even if you sweat from overheating, that can also cause damage to your body and lose temperature quickly.

7. Eat And Drink A Lot

It is not necessary to eat and drink hot food. You can eat regular-temperature food and drink water just to keep your body circulated. However, drinking hot food is better for getting temperature quickly. The food will create energy, and that will keep you warm. But, do not make it excessive, which can cause other issues such as getting food poisoning, and overeating can cause frequent use of the toilet, reducing the temperature to a drastic level.

How To Camping In 30 Degree Weather

When camping in winter, the weather becomes less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit, usually less than 0 degrees Celcius. Therefore, you have to prepare for -5 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Make sure to get the proper gear to keep you warm, no matter how much the temperature drops. Follow these tips

  • Use a four-season tent.
  • The proper sleeping pad is an essential gear that you should not forget.
  • Always wear four or five layers of clothes with an outer layer as a windshield.
  • Put the shocks on that can save your foot from frostbite.
  • If you bring your kid with you, take an extra layer of cloth and a portable heater.

How To Camping In 20 Degree Weather

If the temperature goes down to 20 degrees, you must take it seriously and stay cautious. Therefore you have to put on the right amount of clothes and take other formalities too. Apart from getting a good four-season tent, you need to pay closer attention to your outfit.

Here is what you should do to stay warm and successfully camp in 20-degree weather.

  • Wear multiple layers of clothes to eliminate snow and cold wind.
  • Put on the proper shocks and boots to keep your feet safe while roaming around the snow.
  • Hand gloves are a must-needed gear to avoid hypothermia and frostbite.
  • Use a portable heater and an extra layer of blanket to sleep properly. Also, you can use a hot water bottle to stay warm.
  • Always remove the outer layer, which consists of snow and dirt, while getting ready for sleep.

Beware Hypothermia And Frostbite

When camping in cold weather, hypothermia and frostbite are the most common problems you will get if you do not take the necessary steps to avoid cold. Usually, when your body submerges into the water at less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit, that can cause hypothermia and even frostbite if you do not take action quickly. For frostbite, sometimes you can not cure the place at all.

Symptoms of Hypothermia

  • Feeling tired
  • Shivering body
  • Fumbling hand
  • Memory loss
  • Slurred speech

These are the common symptoms of hypothermia for an adult. And kids get red skin and lack of energy due to this.

Symptoms of Frostbite

  • Cold and numb skin.
  • Change in skin color.
  • Join and muscle stiffness.

It happens when your skin is exposed to the -32 Fahrenheit temperature. That’s the worst case that could happen to you.

FirstAid, For Hypothermia And Frostbite

If you see any sign of hypothermia, remove your wet clothes and put on some warm clothes as soon as possible. Try to get some heat from an external source. In that case, a portable heater works best. Check your body temperature; if it is less than 95 degrees, seek medical help. However, frostbite is the worst case, with no first aid at all. All you can do is, avoid getting frostbite. If your body is exposed to the cold, wash it with hot water or warm it with a heater or any other heat source. Before anything goes wrong, call the emergency for medical help.

Frequently Asked Question

Get a four-season tent and use proper insulation inside the tent. Also, you can use a portable heater to increase the temperature inside your tent in winter camping.

Less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for tent camping. If you do not have winter camping experience, it could severely damage your body.

No, the tent has a better insulation system and small space. Therefore, you can get warm quickly in a tent compared to a car. So, sleeping in a tent is warmer than in a car.

You should get a portable heater that has a temperature control system.

Final Words

So that was all about how to stay warm when camping in winter. I hope you have all the ideas about winter camping. Although winter camping is fun, you have to stay conscious of the temperature. If it goes too low, that can cause severe damage to your body. If you see any sign of hypothermia, you should get proper medical treatment unless that can lead to frostbite, which is a nightmare for every winter camper. Carry proper gear with you, and I suggest leaving your kid while camping in winter. Or, you should take care of them properly by checking body temperature frequently.

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