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10 Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples

by Sharin
Romantic camping ideas for couple

Are you planning a romantic couple camping trip? Want to go out on a romantic camping trip with your partner? If you are looking for romantic camping ideas/camping ideas for couples, you have come to the right place! Here I will try to share some ideas about camping for couples and tent camping for couples.

Camping is fun. But it gets way better if you are going camping with someone special. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend some time with their special ones, make memories and moments they will always remember for the rest of their lives, right? Camping without a plan is not a good idea, whether it is just you or a campfire date.

You should always have a plan before you take that step and take the necessary measures because you don’t want to ruin your camping date night. So let’s talk about some tips about romantic camping ideas for couples to help you out with that.

Remember to follow these romantic camping ideas whether it’s a campfire date or a honeymoon camping:

  • Choose a suitable location, preferably a distant and more isolated place
  • Create a romantic environment in the tent
  • Put on some campfire
  • Go on a hike and sightseeing
  • Try out star-gazing with your partner
  • Cook together
  •  Play games together
  • Go on a swim (if possible)
  • Watch the sunset and sunrise.
  • Take photos, capture the moment

The brief is done, so let’s dig into the details about making your romantic camping perfect and get you a 10/10 campfire date.

1. Choose a suitable location

Among all those romantic camping ideas for couples, the first one is choosing a location that suits you and your partner. That romantic environment would set the mood for both of you. A romantic ambiance around would certainly be advantageous for a romantic couple camping. No one likes a gloomy environment if they’re out for romantic camping.

So, the first step to making your couple camping a success is choosing the location that would suitably provide a romantic environment and ambiance.

2. Create a romantic vibe

Getting your location chosen was the first step. The second step would be creating a romantic vibe. You can’t expect your partner to arrive at the location and start feeling romantic. To help out with that, let’s ensure a romantic vibe for your couple camping.

Create a romantic vibe for camping

To do that, you will need some romantic tent ideas. Here are some romantic tent ideas you will hopefully find useful.

  • You can use lights of different colors to create the environment inside the tent
  • You can use some romantic music playing inside the tent. For that, you will have to bring a speaker.
  • Decorate the tent inside. You can use flowers and lanterns.
  • Bring pillows and extra blankets to make it cozier inside.

Creating a romantic vibe inside the tent will surely be a success. Imagine your partner entering the tent and overwhelmed with all the decorative details.

3. Start a campfire

There’s nothing better compared to snuggling with each other beside a campfire. Have you ever given thought to it? Holding your favorite person besides a campfire should be one of the few memories someone will always want to remember. Why miss the opportunity?

Get your camp up, light up a campfire and enjoy your campfire date. Set up a set of chairs beside the fire, and bring blankets, snacks, and drinks to enjoy the moment.

4. Hiking and sightseeing with a partner

You don’t think about going on camping and sitting inside your tent all day long, do you? And if it’s a couple camping, you certainly don’t want to miss the chance of hiking the area with your favorite person. Choose a spot together for camping. Once you arrive, you can set up your camp and hike together.

A walk together would be a memorable event and a way of bringing you close to each other. Don’t forget safety measures and take some essentials with you while sightseeing, such as a water bottle, cell phone, little snacks, and first aid. Have fun exploring the wild with your partner!

5. Stargazing with a partner

While everyone likes to stargaze sometimes and enjoy that peaceful moment, having your favorite person around and doing it together seems more fun and romantic. Here’s another romantic camping idea for couples, try exploring constellations and stars together! See if you can find any. If you can’t, you can always make something up! Who cares if it’s true or made up? If you’re camping with your partner, it’s about romance, not science. So don’t miss the opportunity to make the time worth remembering.

6. Cooking together

How about cooking something together? Cooking a meal at home can feel like everyday work, but cooking camping can be really special. As it takes longer to cook while camping than at home, you can get enough time to spend together as you cook meals for each other. Try to cook their favorite dish, but don’t overdo it. Nothing too fancy to be done, but the effort alone is enough to make an impact and be a sweet memory for both of you.

7. Play games together

Out camping with your favorite person and didn’t try playing board games? Don’t be a boring partner. Try playing games with them and ensure they are having a good time. There are tons of board games to try out while camping. You can try playing cards, chess, Uno, and so much more. Playing board games with your special someone will be fun and exciting too.

Playing games would relax you and help you release your stress and strain from all that hiking and setting up the camp. Besides, board games are a really good source of entertainment. Have fun playing!

8. Going on a swim

Just like hiking, there are other activities you can do together. For example: going on a swim. If you can set up your camp beside a lake, it would be perfect for a swim. If not, find a lake near your camping spot. If you are going to camp in a tourist spot, you can also rent a paddleboat or kayak.

Instead of swimming, you can go around paddling the boat and that is another way of having fun too! Focus on your partner, have a good time and while going on swimming, be prepared. Bring the necessary equipment, medications, and clothes so you can be prepared for any circumstances.

9. Watching sunsets and sunrise together

What is the most beautiful time of the day- sunset or sunrise? The answer is debatable. Be it sunset or sunrise, whichever it is, don’t forget to enjoy both with your partner. Watching the sun setting on the horizon while spreading color across the sky or seeing it rise with a bright light are the moments that you must experience with your partner. These are the one-in-a-million types of moments that you will remember forever, so make it count.

10. Take pictures, make memories

All those moments you will experience together, don’t you think some of them need to be captured? Take some selfies and photos with your partner, capture the moment and save it. Someday when you will go through old photos and come across one of those photos, the nostalgia and happiness will hit both of you hard at the same time.

Some of them might turn out to be your favorite ones as well! While I would recommend staying away from your phone while spending time with your partner when camping, taking photos can be allowed. If you don’t want to use cell phones at all, you can use a camera to capture photos.

Here are the tips and suggestions I wanted to share with you about romantic camping ideas for couples. I hope you will find them helpful and make a memorable couple camping. Just follow these and make it worthwhile.

Happy camping!

Frequently Asked Questions

While most people choose casual ways to meet and date, camping sure will be a nice and out-of-the-box idea for a date. But as it is not very common and not done very often, be sure to prepare everything so your date does not get ruined.

The core idea is to decorate the tent to emit that romantic vibe. Decorate the tent with lanterns, lights, and flowers. Choose different color themes to decorate. You can play some music that matches the vibe. Stuff the tent with pillows and blankets to make it cozier. If possible, light the campfire just before the tent, but take precautions, so the tent doesn’t catch fire.

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