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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping?

by Nadir
How To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

Buzz..mosquitoes surrounding everywhere in your dream camp? Well, it’s not what we expect, right? What if I share my awesome tips with you? It may save your long-awaited camping day.

Last summer, I went camping with my family. But I found an unexpected disturbing guest there. Camping can be the most refreshing source of entertainment. But when you’re in camp, some bloodsucking small bugs can be enough to ruin your day. This hassle may not even come into your mind when you plan it. That’s why I’m here to remind you.

So, today I’ll tell you about how you can keep mosquitoes away while camping. These techniques are scientifically proven and also tested by me. I got amazing results by doing these. So thought why not share with you?

1. Always Keep Mosquito Repellents

Always Keep Mosquito Repellents

Remember, you are going to a camp. That’s not your house. So, you won’t have any electricity there. It’s excellent if the mosquitoes don’t find you. But what if they do?

That’s why you should put mosquito repellents in your backpack. Even if you go to a dry place, there is no guarantee that the silly bugs can’t find you. So keep an effective mosquito repellent with you for your next camping trip. The repellents confuse the mosquitoes by interfering with the receptors in their antennae. Thus they can’t detect your skin and biting is not even a question!

2. Stay Away From Water

The lady bloodsuckers love to be in watery places. Why not? They can lay eggs there and see their beautiful baby mosquitos. Mosquitoes can’t reproduce without water. That’s why you’ll always see that many of them stay together in a watery place.

If you make your tent in a watery place, then guess what? The bugs will not forget to disturb you. Moreover, you can’t enjoy camping at all. That’s why I recommend you to stay away from watery places like drains, wet soil, grass, and all. Also, please don’t plan your camping day after a rainy day. At least wait for 2-3 days so that the soil gets dry.

3. Consider buying head nets

Head nets are an excellent invention for people who go to forest areas. These are a type of hat which have nets included around your face. Don’t worry! You won’t face any trouble breathing.

Consider buying those which have a smaller hole. Thus, the tiny bugs can’t bite you.

4. Buy a mosquito net along with your tent

Buy a mosquito net along with your tent

You can find several types of mosquito nets when you buy a tent. Just buy them. These tents with mosquito nets can be your holy grail!

You can place the net outside your net. Thus, not only mosquitoes but also any kind of bug can’t enter your tent. If your net is smaller, then you can hang the net inside your tent also.

5. Invest a few bucks in your clothing

You can wear full-sleeved shirts and full pants. Thus, mosquitoes won’t be able to bite you. If you can invest some more, you’ll find some kinds of anti-mosquito clothes. These clothes are specially made to protect you from mosquitoes.

If it is too hot, you can try cotton or linen fabrics. But, if you find wearing full clothes totally uncomfortable, then you can try the other methods that I tell you.

6. Essential Oils- Your Natural mosquito repellent

There is a conflict between reports on the harmful effects of chemical repellents. Though nothing has been proven yet, the confusion still remains the same. You may think not to use any kind of repellent knowing about the reverse effects.

But why do so when we can suggest an organic option? Yeah, and that is essential oils. You can use essential oils to keep away the mosquitoes. They work in the same process as chemical repellents do. The only fact is these are more natural ways to keep mosquitoes and bugs away when camping.

In fact, you can use scented candles as well. These are a great way to repel the mosquitoes. The most effective oils are lemon eucalyptus, lavender oil, tea tree, cinnamon, citronella, soybean, etc.

7. Make a campfire

Make a campfire

Campfire is a phenomenal two-in-one way to enjoy camping. It distracts the mosquitoes and all kinds of bugs. Because the bugs don’t like black smoke at all. They smell danger there.

Moreover, a campfire adds sparkles to the camping journey. To be honest, camping is incomplete without a campfire. So, please give it a try at least for one. I bet you won’t regret it!

8. Smarter use of lights

Don’t place lights inside or near your camp. Lights are an expert to attract bugs. That’s why make a smarter move. Place them far away from your camp. Thus, the mosquitoes will be confused and it will keep them away at night.

9. Don’t sweat at any cost

Did you know mosquitoes have a superpower? Yeah, they have receptors in their antennae, by which they can detect the temperature of human blood. When you sweat or do any type of extensive workout, the temperature rises high. Thus, it becomes more accessible to them to find your yummy body.

So, don’t do any type of activity that can boost your temperature. If you do, please cool down your body asap. Thus, they can’t find you.

10. Close your tent doors to keep mosquitoes away

Close your tent doors to keep mosquitoes away

I know when you’re at home, you never forget to close your doors. Don’t pretend to be naive. You always do this for security purposes, I know.

Though, there is no fear of thieves in the camp. But, the fear of mosquitoes exists. So, please don’t forget to close your tent doors. I know that it’s a silly point. Yet, it’s the most overlooked point as well.

11. Say no to any kind of perfume

Perfumes are seductive- we know that. But it’s more seductive for the lady bloodsucker bugs. You don’t want to attract them, right? Please, don’t use any kind of fragrant in your body then.

The mosquito receptors also get a signal when you use perfume. Thus, they find your location and come hurriedly to suck the blood. Instead of perfume, you can use mild deodorant. So that, you won’t be stinky as well as smelly.

12. Permethrin for your accessories

Did you know permethrin is a horror for mosquitoes? Yeah, it is. And, you can directly apply it to your equipment and body. But, I suggest you not apply it to your body directly. Moreover, it can stay for more than 30 laundry cycles.

Be cautious! It is a proven toxic ingredient for pets. Some studies have even reported it to be toxic for human skin as well, in case of overuse. So, please don’t use this if you have pets.

Last but not the least

I’ve shared all my secrets with you about how to get protection against mosquitoes and keep them away while camping. I’ve learned these by making mistakes. But, I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes and spoil your dream camping.

Now, don’t forget to thank me. At least, you can appreciate me by leaving a comment. Share with your friends if you’ve found this useful. Have fun!

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