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How To Boil Water While Camping

by Rayhan
How To Boil Water While Camping

Camping is a great way to get outdoors but it can also be challenging. One of the challenges is boiling water. Bottled water can be expensive, and it isn’t easy to carry enough water for all of your campers.

Boiling water is one of the simplest yet most essential activities that you can do when camping. Boiling water is a must for making tea, coffee, or oatmeal. There are a few methods you can use to boil water. The easiest way is to use a pot or dutch oven. You can also use an Instant Pot or a Camp Stove. If you don’t have any of those items, you can still make boil water using a big pot on a campfire.

In this article, I will discuss how to boil water while camping. In my opinion, these are the best ways to boil water while camping. So, let’s get started.

Boil Water Over Campfire

Boiling water over a campfire is the oldest and easiest method that you can try. You don’t need to bring anything extra to use this method. Plus, you can use this in emergencies as well. You can use your regular kettle or pot to boil the water, which will likely take 5-8 mins for every 1 liter.

However, I recommend using this method if you don’t want to add any extra cost or you’re in an emergency. Because you may face some issues in this formula, such as uncontrollable temperature and black smoke all over the boiling pot, summing up, I’ll say it’s the best option if you want the simplest way, yet you can check out the other ways below to find your best choice.

Boil Water Using Stove While Camping

There are various camping stoves available. They’re compact and super easy to use. Let me share some with you:

1. Small Camping Stove (Canister Stove)

This small camping stove for boiling water is getting very popular with campers. Why not? They are so tiny that anyone can carry them in their backpack. It doesn’t add much extra weight, either. This small canister stove uses canned Butane or Isopropyl as the fuel.

The only con is that you can’t use this in cold seasons because the fuels get inefficient to use in low temperatures of less than 5℉.

2. Propane Stove

Propane stoves are also great equipment for boiling water. It uses propane tanks as fuel, which you can find in most hardware stores. The best part about this is its versatility and convenience. You can find the stove in many sizes and many price segments.

There are single, dual, and triple burners available with this. Besides, you can buy the fuel tank altogether, or you can buy smaller tanks as well. And these features make it the most convenient.

To mention the negative point, I have nothing much to say about it. The propane stove is spontaneous, I must say.

3. Liquid Fuel Stove

Liquid fuel stoves can be a fabulous option. You can easily find fuel refills in the market. It usually uses common fuels such as white gas like Naphtha or Gasoline. The best part is that it efficiently uses energy, and you can regulate the pressure to your preference. You won’t need any electricity to use this. You can even cook meals in this. Moreover, you can use this in every harsh environment.

The only saddest part is it may feel a little heavy compared to the other alternatives. However, if you can skip the con, this is a winning option to buy.

4. Biofuel Stove

If you’re an environmental freak who wants the most eco-friendly option, then a Biofuel stove is for you. This will also save you bucks. You don’t need to buy any fuel here. The main fuel used here is made of wood, fist, and leftover waste. 

However, this may not be suitable for you sometimes. You may not find fuel everywhere, especially if it’s not suitable for cold places. Besides, it’s quite time-consuming, with fewer control options. Yet, if you want the most environment-friendly one, then choose this.

5. Alcohol Stove

When camping, it’s important to have a way to boil water for drinking and cooking. An alcohol stove is a great option, as it’s lightweight, making it ideal for camping trips. This type of stove is run off by many types of alcohol, such as Ethanol, Methanol, and Denatured Alcohol.

First, fill the stove with fuel to boil water using an alcohol stove. Place the pot or mug of water you want to boil on the stove and light the fuel. The water will start boiling in a few minutes. Keep an eye on the stove, as it can easily overheat if left unattended.

6. The Jetboil System

The jetboil method is known as the best method for boiling. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most user-friendly option altogether. Surprisingly, it can boil your water within only 100 seconds! Can you believe it? 

Moreover, the essentials come together in a set: the stand, ignitor, stove, pot, and fuel (In some). It’s the best choice for boiling water while camping because it’s specially designed to boil water. It’s the backpacker’s best choice because it’s lightweight and convenient.

Moreover, the essentials come together in a set: the stand, ignitor, stove, pot, and fuel (In some). It’s the best choice for boiling water while camping because it’s specially designed to boil water. It’s the backpacker’s best choice because it’s lightweight and convenient.

However, it’s slightly more expensive than the other alternatives. You may consider the other options if you want something more budget-friendly. But I can guarantee it can be a value-for-money product if you invest in it.

Boil Water With Water Camping Kettles

Another method of boiling water is using camping kettles. These kettles are absolutely hassle-free and super easy to use. Plus, the kettles are found at a very affordable price, and you can carry them everywhere you go. I’m mentioning some of the best kettle types for boiling water camping:

1. Ghillie Kettle 

This kettle is also known as the “Internal Flame Kettle.” You won’t need to spend bucks for any fuel for this. Just use some wood or other types of natural fuel to use this. The best part is the stove and kettle come together in a set. And the kettle will whistle automatically when the boiling is done.

The Ghillie kettle is mostly made of aluminum. You can boil up to 1 liter of water at a time. First, make a small fire on the stove with forest debris or wood. Then put the water kettle on it. Once the water is boiled, the whistle will blow on its own.

This stove is the best for its durability and portability. It’s more convenient than the other alternatives. Yet, the only drawback is that you need biofuel to use this. However, this can be a boon if you’re a true nature lover.

2. Car Kettle, aka Electric Kettle

If you need a stylish choice but don’t want to spend any money from your pocket, you can bring the electric kettle from your home. Most of us use this to make tea or coffee; Luckily, you can use this for boiling your water camping.

All the electric kettles need an electric power source to use. In this case, you can plug the kettle into your car’s power source. But make sure to read the power capacity of the kettle and buy if that is compatible with your car’s power source.

Boil Water Without A Stove (Using Water Heater)

1. Immersion Heater

It can be the simplest option to heat water, especially for coffee. It can prepare your coffee water within just a few seconds!

It’s just a metal heater that you must put inside the mug, which will boil your water. It needs some source of electricity to run.

Nevertheless, it’s ideal for single cups. If you want to boil water for other purposes or in a larger amount, I suggest you check out the heater options mentioned here.

2. Solar Water Heater for a Hot Shower

If you want an eco-friendly sunkissed heater, this one is for you. You don’t need anything to bring with you except a bag only. Please fill up the water inside the bag and hang it in the sun. Your exclusive sunkissed water will be ready.

A solar heater is also perfect for showering and doing dishes. But never try to drink that water at all. I know you won’t.

3. Portable Heater

This type of heater is ideal for washing dishes or boiling water for bathing purposes. You must take the propane or the necessary fuel resource, set the temperature, and turn the faucet on.

However, I will not suggest this for drinking purposes. Because it can heat the water but can’t reach the boiling temperature.

4. Bucket Heaters For Larger Quantity

Bucket heaters are perfect when you intend to boil a lot of water. This heater can heat up to 5 gallons of water. However, this is not ideal for drinking because it can’t reach boiling temperature.

There are two types of water heaters. One is the immersion-type bucket heater with a stainless steel wand. You must plug that in with the electricity and put that inside the bucket. The other one is the corset wrapping type heater, in which you have to wrap the bucket with the heater and plug that with electricity. And you’re good to go.

That’s all for now. I hope you won’t have to worry about how to boil water while camping. Now use boiling water on camping and enjoy the best camping journey. Don’t forget to let us know how you found it. And also share it with your camping-freak friends. Take care.

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