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How to make coffee while camping

by Nadir
How to make coffee while camping

Camping is exciting, amusing, and transformative. And suppose you are an expert and experienced camping with a coffee fanatic simultaneously. In that case, it is so much more important for you to start your day with a nice cup of coffee, even camping which makes you something more spiritually motivated.

Now traditionally, making coffee is often time-consuming and irritating. So, if you are looking for any other alternative methods, then welcome to this guide.

There are several alternative ways where you can find suitable methods. So I highly recommend you to look out the whole document shown below and read more about it so that if you go on a camping trip next time, you will be able to pack your bag with the best and most friendly items to find your best taste of coffee.

But before getting into any further information about coffee, let’s learn about the most renowned 3 cardinal rules to brewing camp coffee and little knowledge about the portable makers that can make your life, or especially camping life, much easier.

Cardinal Rules For Brewing Camp Coffee Process

These three rules, also known as the three traditional cardinal rules to brew better camping coffee, apply globally:

1. Use Quality Coffee:

An old aphorism, “you get what you pay for,” is exactly a perfect saying if the question arises about coffee. But you will be happy to hear that the Brew-It-Yourself is not as costly as the mighty Drive-Thru-Coffee.

2. Use the whole beans and grind straightway in advance of depletion:

Toting here and there handling with a grinder may not be everyone’s cup of coffee. But the taste of coffee is humiliated as it’s exposed to the air and ground coffee has a more veneer are disclosing to the air. Thus it decays at a faster rate. So if a hand grinder is manageable in terms of your packaging specs, the Porlex Mini can be your best friend at the moment of the time.

3. Don’t ever try to boil your camping coffee:

We highly recommend and request that you forbid the boiling process over your coffee. The optimal temperature for brewing is between 200 and 205 deg Fahrenheit. So if you accidentally boil something approximately 212 deg Fahrenheit in the situation of preferment, especially for a longer period, your coffee will taste burnt awful.

What are the best coffee-making or brewing methods while camping

There is numerous simple and easy way to make coffee while camping. In our guidance, you will learn more about preparing coffee with a percolator, an Aeropress, a teabag, a Moka pot, and the famous casual French press. Also, you will learn about cowboy coffee, the famous coffee brewing method that has been popular for decades.

1. Coffee Percolator Process

 Coffee Percolator Process

Grinding coffee with a percolator is nowadays considered one of the traditional methods. Back then, no household didn’t have one of these ingredients around their house. You might seem uncomfortable with the old-looking system, but it is ideal for brewing coffee for yourself while camping as it is so easy to clean and lightweight.

The best feature of the percolator is it can run without electricity so that you will get a cold, remote vibe in your camping places. You need a light campfire or a camping stove, which is regarded as essential and gives you mental freshness.

Finally, you need to pour some water along with a few tablespoons of ground beans into the percolator base of your surrounding and aesthetic method. Then place the pot over the campfire and you are good to go. You will get a good smell of your coffee in a few minutes.

The only drawback is you have to be perfect in your boiling time. Otherwise, you will get a blistered and overcooked cup of coffee which will give you a dry flavor.

2. AeroPress – Coffee-making process

AeroPress - Coffee making process while camping

AeroPress is now one of the best go-to methods for brewing camping coffee. It is a very easy and childish method you can find out. Though every method on the list is very adorable and easy to ease, AeroPress is the best method of choice. With the help of AeroPress, you can do your brewing as you want. The brew with AeroPress is highly Adjustable.

You can get a mild morning brew and up to a high, rich espresso is attainable. It can compact swiftly almost with everything, including a Porlex grinder. Because the air-gap process with the press gives a clean-up connection through nests. It‘s also inexpensive.

To prepare your coffee, you need hot water and coffee grounds. It is prebuilt with coffee filters. It’s super convenient, easy to approach, and gives you any taste you want.

3. Coffee with tea bags

Coffee with tea bag

Sometimes while planning to go out camping to a distant place, your mind is already set up to take only the possible needed things and you might not take any extra special equipment for brewing coffee. There the teabag coffee method comes into play.

This method is so easy and requires the things that might take the highest pocket-size space. You need quality ground coffee, a tea bag, a rubber band, a mug, and that’s it. You are ready to pack up to your desired camping places.

First, you should pour the ground/instant coffee over the teabag. After pouring them, gently tie them with a rubber band to secure them. Now take your mug and take some boiling water in it before adding the tea bag as well.

Now keep the tea bag for a while; in some moments, you will get a sweet fragrance of coffee and look like coffee in the mug. Leave it or to get the coffee ready faster, stir with a spoon gently.

This teabag method hardly has any cons except one. With this method, you might not get the coffee’s variations or strongness. The taste of the coffee might be bland.

4. Moka Pot

 Moka Pot

If you are planning to go with your loved ones and spend a great time camping, you might love this one as much as any other. Also, if you have a heat source like an induction or fire stove camping, then the Moka pot method can be your trump for amazing brewed coffee. It’s quite small, a two-chamber aluminum pot whose portability is almost incomparable and easy to clean. It requires the same materials as the Aeropress.

It requires a stovetop, high-quality grounded coffee, and hot water. Besides, it comes in a variety of sizes as well. These multiple sizes variations make it super convenient for couple mates or small family and friends.

5. French Press method

French press method is a loving method to many of the campers with coffee enthusiastic characteristics. Like these campers, you can also take out your press machine. This press machine has many perks of its own. You can brew your coffee within a few minutes using this tool, despite being lightweight and using a little space.

To make some coffee, if you intend to use the french press coffee maker, you need some boiling water and ground beans. French presses most often come with larger vessels and a special press plunger. So you can even brew more than one cup of coffee at once.

Add the ground coffee into the brewing chamber with some water. Then still the water before latching the chamber and gently press down the plunger, wait some time and then pour your coffee slowly into your cups.

The only downside you can probably meet is the taste of the coffee. It can vary at first. But once you get the timing, you won’t have any worry about this again

6. Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy coffee is one of the most famous off-the-grid brewing methods and if you are a coffee lover or don’t even like to have any coffee, this will make you change your thoughts. 

This method is most suitable and comfortable for all campers because it needs some coffee, water, and a more traditional campfire and has almost every part of camping technologies. You should use ground beans with this method to get strong coffee.

First things first, take a coffee pot and pour some water. Then boil it over the campfire and boil it for a while. When some small bubbles form in the water, add a few tablespoons of coffee and stir for a couple of seconds to mix it. Then leave it for a few minutes and pour it into your cups.

This method is rapidly easy while requiring minimal cleanup after brewing the coffee. The only negative side is you will taste the grounds when you drink the coffee. Paying for such a simple, easy brewing method takes a little cost!

Make Coffee without Electricity!!!!

So all of the methods we have discussed above use the campfire stove to brew coffee. But what if you don’t have any electricity or no fire available, as some remote campsites have restricted light fires? There you can use two easy methods of my favorite – instant coffee and cold brew.

Instant coffee

Instant coffee for camping

With this method, you need an instant coffee method, some boiling water, if possible or normal water, and a mug when the question arises about instant coffee. The packet we are talking about contains instant coffee grounds so you don’t need to take any grounds with you alongside these.

To prepare your coffee, take the mug, pour the grounds in first as we recommended, then pour the water, stir it up, and voila – your coffee is ready! It might not be the best cup of coffee you have taken from it, but it will suffice you at that moment.

Cold-brew coffee

You may take this portion as non-equivalent regarding your taste or favorable methods. Still, you might be wondering why cold coffee is becoming popular recently as it has a simple, straightforward brewing method, even simple from the most famous cowboy coffee. In this method, you must add some coffee to your mug, pour some water or cold water, and leave it overnight for about 14-18 hours.

Cold coffee has a special variety of perks while being very easy to prepare and a great way to remove the bitter taste. So cold brew can be a great choice if you want to get out the real coffee taste without worrying about the bitterness.

But as it is done without electricity, you will get bland-tasting coffee, even almost every other method of preparing coffee without electricity or a heat source. This method restricts you from getting a perfect extraction, which you should keep in mind!

The best coffee grinders you can find are perfect for your camps

So the traditional brewing method is now in your mind. Now, which coffee grinder will suit you in your budget? Most of the campers are not born with a silver spoon. So we also have a suitable and most relevant coffee maker list recommended by us and also the highly experienced campers below. Hope this list will give your busy camping lifetime a little sigh of breath. Note that: we have enlisted all of these coffee makers, assuming you will bring them camping.

  • Great Portable coffee maker For Camping:  Primula Coffee Brew Buddy
  • Best Espresso Maker: WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker
  • Percolator Coffee Grinder: Farberware Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
  • Best French Press Coffee Maker: ESPRO P2 Coffee Press
  • Backpacker’s Favorite Coffee Maker: GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip
  • Coffee Grinder for RV Camping: Cuisinart DCC-450BK
  • Best of Moka Pot: Bialetti Moka Pot
  • Car Campers’ first choice: Spader 12V Car kettle

In conclusion, if you are planning on making coffee while camping, you must ensure you have all the necessary supplies. The lack of common morning amenities can be an unpleasant surprise if you are not careful.

There are many ways to make coffee while camping. Having a good quality coffee maker with you is good, but not all do. Try one of these methods the next time you are out camping!

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