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Cowboy Camping: Everything You Need To Know

by Nadir
Cowboy Camping

Frustrated with the urban life? Feeling like going back to the era of your ancestors? No worries! You’re not alone. And, I have an amazing idea for you. Guessing what? It’s cowboy camping.

In this 21st century, we have many upgraded technologies and modern facilities. Still, sometimes we feel frustrated due to the work stress and anxiety. We feel like getting lost in nature and counting stars just from the night sky. Besides, our next generation should also see how their forefathers used to lead life.

Today I’ll tell you everything about cowboy camping that you really need to know. I’ll discuss the importance, possible problems, solutions, preparation, FAQ, and more. After that, you can decide whether you can consider it for your next vacation or not. So, let’s not delay any more.

What is Cowboy Camping?

Cowboy Camping is a type of camping where you have to forget about your modern facilities as much as possible. It is based on 3 key rules.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Minimalism
  3. More connected to the nature

It’s called cowboy camping because it reflects the life of the cowboys. It symbolizes their lifestyle, simplicity, and connection to nature. You can’t use your modern technologies nor can you use electronic devices or luxury items here. You can only use the listed things below:

  • Staple living necessities such as a sleeping bag or tarp
  • Daily essentials like toothbrush, safe water, mosquito net, and blanket
  • Needed weapons: a pocket knife, small stones, etc.

Why you should try this at least once in a life

To be honest, I can’t stop saying how many reasons you should try this. However, I’ve mentioned some below:

Connect Intensely with Nature Healer.

Nature is known as the best healer. In ancient eras, doctors used to prescribe natural medicines to patients who had no treatment options left. Some of them actually recovered from this. There is no scientific proof of this. But, it can actually heal your stress, and anxiety and recover you from the depth.

Nature has a deep connection with the evolution of mankind. That’s why humans feel truly empowered when they get lost with mother nature. And, nature also removes the toxins from the mind.

History of the Ancestors

Today we are living a modern life but our ancestors were not blessed by this. They had to work hard for our well-being. Their memories are our pride.

So, we and our next generation also need to know about their history and sacrifices. By cowboy camping, you’ll get to explain to your kids why you should respect your roots.

History of the ancestors

A Fabulous Source of Refreshment

Watching Netflix is not a good idea for all vacations. In fact, you may feel monotonous due to work stress and overuse of devices. A boring lifestyle can be frustrating for you. That’s why you should go to natural places and stay there for a few days.

Trust me. You’ll find a great taste and variation as well. This will help you to eliminate the boredom of regular life, and boost your productivity also.

Feel the Importance of Modern Technologies

Nowadays, you get access to many opportunities through the blessing of technology. But sometimes you can’t feel that because of too much easier access. When you go cowboy camping, you’ll stay away from all kinds of latest inventions and luxury. Only then can you perceive the importance of modern technologies.

What are the Dangers of Cowboy Camping?

While the plus points of cowboy camping are massive, you have to know about the possible problems also. Don’t worry. After that, I’ll tell you about the solutions. So, let’s discuss the issues first:

  • You won’t find any electricity or luxury facilities there
  • Bugs may disturb you while enjoying the camping
  • You have to sleep on the ground, which you may find uncomfortable if you’re not familiar with it
  • There is always a fear of wild animals and snakes
  • The weather can be so unpredictable. It may not get in your favor if the luck is bad
  • You can’t use any bathroom or toilet

How to Take Preparation for Cowboy Camping?

1. Location

First, you have to choose the location. You can’t get the vibe in every place. Areas with bumps and hills are not suitable for the cowboy campers. Instead, you can choose flat surfaces like ground, sand, or even rocks.

Don’t choose places near ponds or any source of water. The mosquitos and bugs will spoil your day.

Solitary areas are also not suitable. Instead, choose a well-populated area. Because you’ll face fewer problems in a well-populated area. And, get help also in case you face any issues.

2. Weather

Always have adequate knowledge about the weather of your camping site. Never choose a place which has chances of rain. Because the bugs and mosquitos love water to make their family. Again, don’t go camping in freezing weather. You may get a cold and pneumonia.

If you choose summer, please see the temperature. Snakes are most likely to get vulnerable in summer. So, do not forget this.

3. Cowboy Camping Tent

Cowboy Camping Tent

Now, choosing a tent is a big issue when you decide to go cowboy camping. Because you can’t do luxury there. Besides, you have to follow the rules of camping, which are natural, minimal, and flexible.

You can choose cowboy range tents and canvas teepees for this. Believe me, you’ll have the best experience. Because these tents follow all the rules and give you a supernatural vibe. Besides, it’s easier to set up and 3-5 people can relax staying in a tent.

4. Apparels and Shoes


Clothes play a big part in your camping experience. Try to choose full-sleeved clothes. If it’s summer, you can choose cotton or linen fabric. Full-sleeved clothes will protect your skin from sunburn. And, consider purchasing some hiking pants as well.

There are some fabrics that store the sweat, and water and press them with the skin to make the skin cooler. You may consider buying them as well.

A layer of jackets can be a good choice if it’s winter. Trust me, no cowboy in the world didn’t wear clothes as per the weather. So, don’t worry. It’s not a luxury.


You must walk a lot; maybe you must climb hills. If you don’t choose the correct pair of shoes, you may end up in a big mess. I’ll recommend hiking boots for this. You can get waterproof hiking boots as well. They are far better.

5. Alternative Plan for Weather

Though you may have wisely chosen the weather, there is no guarantee of weather. It may fluctuate and not favor your luck. So, always have alternatives. Your safety is the precondition; always remember that.

Plan the alternatives as well, that you’ll do if things get out of your hand. You may get a car, an extra pair of clothes, or anything suitable according to the place and weather.

6. Safe Water

Water is known as the other name of life. Hydration is the key to a healthy body and temperature regulation. Always carry a big bottle of drinking water with you. And drink water every 2 hours. When you go camping, you may have to work a lot, which ends up in sweating and water loss.

Besides, you can’t help but drink water in all seasons. In summer, it will help regulate temperature, and in winter, it will help balance the moisture.

7. Cowboy Camping Equipment

Cowboy essentials are the things that you’ll carry for the trip. It totally depends on you. However, you can have a set of cowboy camping gear in which you may include the most crucial things, such as:

  • Cowboy sleeping bags for better sleep
  • Sleeping pad if you want to sleep just under the sky
  • Ground cloth if you want to enjoy the surface of the soil just like a cowboy sleeping
  • Blankets to use in cold weather

8. Safety Tools

Your safety is the first and foremost thing that you have to confirm. That’s why you always carry a sharp pocket knife with you. The cowboys used to carry pocket knives with them. In addition, you can make your weapon by using wood, bamboo, and all.

Besides, carry a first aid box. It can help in emergencies. Pack your regular medicines, pain killer, and sanitizer as well. No need to skip medications at all. Health is the top priority. Also, take an extra tarp for emergency situations.

9. Learn How To Hunt and Make Fire

Learn How To Make Fire While Cowboy Camping

Before you go camping, learn how to hunt and make a fire. You will find the true fun of being a cowboy in this. Master Youtube and Google is always there to guide, so no need to worry.

Thus, you can make fires and hunt animals and fish. You can learn to make the weapons as well. In cowboy camping, you can’t use pre-bought foods. You can’t use modern facilities as well. Just think how fun it will be to make a fire, hunt, and cook food on your own!

10. Snake and Wild Animal Safety

Please confirm snake and wild animal safety before planning the trip. Don’t go to desert areas in the summer season. The snakes get terrified and show vulnerable behavior. There are also many poisonous snakes.

Moreover, I know you don’t want to be the meal of wild animals, right? So, gather enough information about the place before planning. You can contact travel agencies as well. That will be safer.

11. Bivy for Cowboy Camping

Bivy is the other name of Bivouac Sack. It’s a sack-like good that has the capability to cover your body and your sleeping bag properly. There are many kinds of bivvy available. Some are specially made for bad weather, which have water protection. Again, some are made of mesh, which is not fully waterproof. Yet, they can save you from creepy bugs and ants.

But in cowboy camping, the choice depends on you. Bivy is not actually a part of cowboy camping. It may be barren for your true cowboy camping experience. However, it gives you proper protection. So, you should consider this for your safety, especially if you have children, old people, or family along with you.

Frequently Asked Question

The temperature above 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for cowboy camping. You may not realize that in the daytime, but you’ll face severe issues at night. Besides, it’s unsuitable for inexperienced campers, children, and elderly people. The perfect night temperature is 50 degrees – 60 degrees F.

In rainy weather, the cowboys used to pitch a canvas tent or use a half-canvas screen for additional protection. They would use it as a tent for the first night, a hammock for the second night, and a blanket for the rest of the week.

They used to fold their tarp in an oblong shape in half in the middle. Thus, they would make their bedding to sleep just under the sky.

Just find the proper hammocks for yourself. Besides, you can use blankets, quilts, bivy sacks, layers of clothes, or a campfire to keep you warm. Thus, you won’t need a sleeping bag at all.

It’s highly recommended to use a sleeping pad for any type of camping. However, you can keep that as optional equipment since it doesn’t fully give you the taste of sleeping on the ground.

Final Thought

I hope now you know everything you need to know about cowboy camping. Though you have to face some troubles but trust me, they are totally worth it. And, your respect towards our forefathers will increase greatly after you experience this. However, you shouldn’t choose this if you’re looking for a more comfortable option.

Now don’t forget to let us know in the comments how you found it. Share it with your camping-obsessed friends. We’ll share something new about camping very soon. Till then, take care and have a good day.

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